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September 23, 2011 by Matt

Ferrari World Outside Building Exterior

It was inevitable, really.

Given the predilection of those flush with oil wealth for fast, expensive cars and over-the-top resorts, it was only a matter of time before someone thought “Hey, let’s mash ’em up!” and the relentless lure of capital beckoned arguably the world’s most famous performance brand to the Middle East.

Ferrari World, the largest indoor theme park in existence, opened for business in Abu Dhabi, UAE, late last year. It’s a marvel of excess echoing the marque’s own sensibilities, with the world’s fastest roller coaster and 19 other rides. And really, it could have only been Ferrari. “Porsche World,” “McLaren World” or even “Bugatti World” wouldn’t have worked—their brand image doesn’t inspire nearly the same amount of exo-automotive enthusiasm. In other words, see a fast car in Ferrari red with the prancing horse on the hood, and your heart skips a beat, even if you’re not a car buff. So aside from the fact that an aerial view of the establishment uncomfortably recalls the shape of a malevolent alien from more than one TV show and movie, it’s a brilliant concept for a theme park.

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