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Bauhaus Bolide: A New Audi TT?

November 28, 2011 by Matt

Audi TT RS TTRS White

No, that’s not the new Audi TT; it’s the top gun of the outgoing model, the brutally fast TT RS. Able to launch from a standstill to 60 mph in a cornea-flattening 3.6 seconds (when equipped with the DSG dual-clutch gearbox), the TT RS is evidence Audi has managed to wring every last drop of performance out of the current TT platform. It’s not unexpected, then, that Motor Authority reports Audi may unveil a redesigned TT at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Stylistically, Audi had a tough act to follow when they decided to update the groundbreaking first-generation TT. One of the few niche cars with slight retro overtones to justify a sequel, the original TT made the transition from show car to production vehicle almost unchanged, and its looks exemplified Audi’s beautiful, Apple-like attention to detail while giving a nod to the automaker’s stylistic heritage. On a personal note, I have a great deal of respect for the car’s design in that (among other highlights) it’s one of the most prominent vehicles to use the wheel arches as a design element. Rather than arbitrarily punching holes in the bodywork—as it seems happens with far too many designs—Audi’s stylists curved the TT’s fascia and rump to echo the arc of the wheel surrounds, giving the wheels a strong context and producing an exceptionally integrated and tidy package.

In any case, as they did with the second generation car, I hope Audi has the good sense to offer us a cleanly-penned, sleekly-tasteful update on the qualities that made the first two TTs a success. And for heaven’s sake, I hope Audi retains the masterstroke of reintroducing their awesome 5-cylinder turbo engine. I’ll be keeping tabs on the Tokyo show as it unfolds starting Wednesday.

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