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If They Mated: Internet Gaming and Cars

December 16, 2011 by Matt

Nissan GT-R Black WoW Draenei

Riffing on the classic Conan sketch, here’s an example of a train wreck caused by the collision of MMORPG geekery and car enthusiast posturing:

Apparently you can make enough money selling WoWBots to buy a tuned, carbon-fiber-laden Nissan GT-R for $150,000. That’s what one 18-year-old forum denizen says he did, and now he’s selling the car on the board. Naturally, everyone else thinks he’s trolling.

As the husband of an avid World of Warcraft player (and the owner of a level 85 Draenei mage, no less), the Jalopnik post held particular relevance for me. Needless to say, I immediately sent the link to my wife and asked her if there was any possible way for her to get into this apparently lucrative “WoWBots” programming scene and earn me enough money to score a GT-R as well. Still waiting for a response on that one, but it may be just as well—the thread in question apparently descended into the usual claims, lies and YouTube “proof” which the alleged owner of the GT-R later admitted was all a scam. Yet another “get car quick” scheme goes up in smoke. Oh well.

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  1. Diane says:

    Alas, hon…I am still but a noob (although my dps is pretty solid considering my woeful ilvl). I’ll keep up the hard work in discovering a lucrative (i.e. MOAR CARS!) channel for my extra curricular activities, though. Promise. :)

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