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Burger Dots (12/21)

December 21, 2011 by Matt


  • Italian boutique automaker F&M recently debuted their Evantra supercar, ingloriously bestowing it with a name that sounds like it originated in the Kia marketing department. Also, I’d hate to see one of those doors pop open accidentally on the autostrada. Oh, and it weighs under 2,700 lbs and its 3.5l twin-turbo flat six pumps out 603 hp. Yawn.
  • AOL Autos recently decided to do what every automotive publication does when it’s a slow news day: Compile a list of the 50 worst cars of all time. The only variation on a very common endeavor was the fact that AOL opted to include one car per automaker. Agree with most, disagree with a handful of selections, including the Alfetta (there have been uglier Alfas), Audi 5000 (indicting it for faults entirely unrelated to the car itself) and 2012 Honda Civic (first-gen Insight, anyone?).
  • In a case that has car buffs fantasizing about Italy turning into some kind of automotive paradise (more than it already is, natch), Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo is reportedly considering running for Italian Prime Minister. His “a chicken in every pot and a Ferrari in every garage” campaign promise should go over particularly well with the Tifosi.
  • Edmunds today features a fantastic photoshoot of four classic ’80s supercars: The Ferrari 288 GTO, Porsche 959, Ferrari F40 and Lamborghini Countach. All red, naturally, and overexposed so you can really see the crackle finish on the aluminum manifolds and cam covers, and the pucker on the leather interiors. Perfect.
  • Continuing the “ridiculously cool pictures” theme, Jalopnik highlights a stunning photo featuring the groundbreaking Citroën DS and a prototype Concorde. Both vehicles share a kinship in that they were assumed to be the wave of the future in many ways, but technological progress decided to take a left turn just as they were set to really catch on. Ghosts of old future tech.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the link to the 80’s Supercar photo shoot. The GTO has so many fascinating angles and they captured them all. I was lucky enough to see one at the local European Auto Show this past summer and realized when I got home over half of the pictures I shot were pretty much of that one car.

    • Matt says:

      Glad you enjoyed! I love the 288 GTO, more than the F40, even. There’s more curve to its shape, and its connection to Group B is a draw. I’ve always been confused by the intercooler placement, though (clearly visible in many of the pics). It’s my understanding that air has to flow through it, but in the case of the GTO’s engine, where does the air flow from and to? It can’t flow down through the engine cover unless there are puller fans hidden underneath the ICs, and it can’t flow up, since that would just draw hot air from the exhaust manifolds. Curious.

      Would love to see your car show pics!

  2. Shawn says:

    I wish I was more versed on the inner workings of the 288 GTO myself. I’ll chalk it up to Italian magic that (occasionally) works. Here’s my album from my run-in with that beauty, there were more but these were the best:

    • Matt says:

      Great pictures! Your Lapis Euro is the equal of any of the cars in that album. The DeLoreans are particularly interesting, too. Thanks for sharing that.

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