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Burger Dots (02/16)

February 16, 2012 by Matt

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  • Here’s an incredibly cool poster featuring profiles of 50 significant Japanese sports cars. While I’m a little disappointed the Starion made the cut instead of the superior FC RX-7, for the most part, the “breed,” if you will, is well represented. Bonus points if you can name all 50!
  • Car and Driver offers a preview of an upcoming road test of the refreshed Audi A4 and S4. It goes without saying, but they’re just stunning cars. The resolution of lines around the trunklid area (particularly the horizontal taillights that give the rear a low, wide aspect) is especially successful. If I were in the market for a new, small European 4-door, Audi’s entry-level cars would be on my short list.
  • Ever wondered what you’d do caught behind the wheel of a car with a stuck throttle? Edmunds relays some helpful advice for those of us apt to completely freak out in such a situation. Hint: A little more knowledge about how your car actually works would go a long way.
  • Another in a long line of cars not destined for the US that I’m not really sure we’d even want here, Renault plans to inject a little visual pep into their subcompact Twingo (yes, that’s its name). Lifting styling cues—notably the front and rear wing shapes—from F1 cars, the Twingo R.S. is identical to its less speedily-adorned stablemates under the hood (a 133 hp 4-banger provides the go). It’s factory-sanctioned rice, in other words.

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