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A Year of Spannerhead

June 26, 2012 by Matt

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Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the first post of this blog! My first entry was a little blurb about the then-new BMW M3 CRT in which I blasted the Bavarian automaker for charging a substantial markup over a standard M3 for what I considered to be nothing more than a mild appearance package and a few other baubles and bolt-ons.

Having had a reasonably consistent succession of “strong opinions” about car-related matters, I thought it would be worthwhile, if not “therapeutic” for me, to develop an outlet of sorts, some place where they could be safely expressed and duly quarantined. Thus was born Spannerhead in late June 2011.

So far, not counting my “Headlights” entries (during the time when that site feature was operational; it may return), I’ve written 279 posts on a wide variety of topics; indeed, a quick glance at the “Categories” pulldown at right indicates I’ve covered a huge swath of automakers and subjects. Some of my most satisfying posts have been parts of various series I’ve started, including:

All in all, it’s been a great, if occasionally stressful experience. Onward!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Happy One Year Anniversary! I know I’ve enjoyed your blog and I hope time, funds and interest continue to allow you to work on it.

  2. nice blog! lord knows the internet needs another car blog, but you write well and have good taste. hope you stick around :)

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