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Stunning BMW E24 “Intro” Video

December 9, 2012 by Matt

This was recently posted by a new member of an online forum for BMW E24 owners and enthusiasts. Needless to say, if every forum inductee could make a clip of this quality, the internet car enthusiast community would be a very nice place indeed.

The cinematography, the music, the editing… It’s breathtaking—and descriptive. My major beef with most amateur (or even professional) car videos is that they tend to be so obsessed with over-the-top “kinetic” camera movement that you barely have time to glimpse the actual car or linger over its lines, but the video above draws out the proportions and feel of the 6er in massive fashion. Full-screen it and turn up the volume. Well done.

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  1. Mike B. says:

    Wow, very cool! Love the color, the wheels, everything. I just wish there were some interior shots.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah the guys on the board wished for engine bay shots, engine noise, etc.

      While I agree, to a point, I think for a “teaser,” the clip is exactly what it needs to be.

  2. Ryan says:

    Fantastic car video! Nothing crazy or over the top, just great cinematography, mixed with an appropriate song (IMHO) and a good looking car. I personally could have used a few carefully chosen spots with some engine noise or some car sound “effects” as well as maybe a few more dynamic shots but still overall it was great.

    I’ve always wanted to put together as a sweet compilation video of my past cars but I never seem to have enough quality video nor the time to edit a bunch of clips to make it really stand out. However now that the cost of HD cameras/video equipment has come down quite a bit I hope to maybe be able to do something similar in the future with random clips from the past.

    Thanks for sharing that, I really enjoyed it.

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