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Datsun 240Z Restoration:
…And the Engine Comes Out

August 20, 2014 by Matt

Datsun 240Z restoration engine motor l24 engine removal

Figured I would give you all an update, even though there are fairly significant changes to the project coming down the pike. But more on that in a future post.

After towing the Z over the Appalachians on a car carrier behind my new truck, I ensconced it in our new garage here in Tennessee. And eager to make a little progress on the project, a few months ago I removed all the peripheral bits, fired up the engine hoist and pulled the engine and transmission.

It was a very straightforward job. Nothing jumps out in my memory as a particularly difficult task. Even the exhaust manifold-to-downpipe bolts, encrusted with 40+ years of rust, once soaked overnight with a generous dose of PB Blaster, loosened easily after getting a good set with a 6-point socket.

Datsun 240Z restoration engine motor l24 engine removal

One challenge was finding a couple of locations to actually hoist the engine from. The engine was rebuilt sometime in the mid-’90s, and apparently, at some point, the engine hoist brackets were removed from their usual locations, so I had to improvise with a pair of long bolts threaded into suitable locations on the cylinder head. But it all went smoothly; the engine and transmission came apart just fine, but I did have to remove the flywheel in order to be able to mount the engine on a stand, where it sits now in our garage.

I’ve been referencing Wick Humble’s classic How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car as a sort of loose guide for the project, and removing the engine was the first step in the disassembly process. The next series of steps involve removing more mechanical organs before unbolting fenders and other body panels, but it’s an open question at this point as to whether I’ll be doing that. More to come.

Editor’s note: This post is Part 21 of an ongoing series chronicling my efforts toward the restoration of my 1972 Datsun 240Z, originally my father’s. Read the other installments here:

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  1. Ryan says:

    V8 swap?! ;) Just kidding, good luck!

  2. David says:


    I discovered your blog after acquiring my ’72 240Z. This is really high quality stuff you’re putting up here. You have a great story to tell, and I love reading it. Thanks for what you’re doing.


  3. Mohammad Khan says:

    Thanks for this! I’m also missing my engine hooks =(

  4. Craig S. says:


    I have 73 240Z that I have owned from new. It’s not been started since 2009, and has rust issues similar to you. Your great work here on your blog has got me to start my plan for a complete restoration. Do you have any new updates to share with fellow Z lovers?


    • Matt says:


      Glad to hear I’ve helped inspire you! These classics definitely deserve to be brought back. Pick up a copy of How to Restore Your Datsun/Nissan Z Car if you have a chance; it’s a great resource.

      No updates as of yet, but there should be some progress very soon.


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