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November 28, 2023 by Matt

Couple of gratuitous snaps from work yesterday.

Nori is running absolutely perfectly. A few observations, though:

  • Even after the alignment, the steering is still a little off-center left when tracking straight. Given the computer says the alignment is on the money, I’m inclined to think it’s tires. The ones on the car—like the wheels—belonged to Megumi, and they’re 10+ years old. Need new tires soon for sure.
  • There’s a buzzing sound coming from under the relay/fuse box in the engine bay. It doesn’t seem to affect the way the car drives in any way, but it sure is annoying. I’ve tried to diagnose it a couple of times now, but still can’t pinpoint its source. Pulling the 40A IGN fuse makes it go away, so it’s related to something protected by that fuse. More investigation required.
  • Made a little progress on the Euro mirror swap as I managed to match up the power mirror wire colors. I’ll have to lengthen the pigtail a bit, but that’s no big deal.

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