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New Flex Pipe In

January 6, 2024 by Matt

Took advantage of the trip situation to rent a car for my wife and take the exhaust section in to work for the guys there to cut and weld in the new flex pipe section. Here it is before:

The flex pipe is about 1.5″ shorter than it should be, and visibly askew. This had the net result of pulling the rear of the exhaust forward, stretching some of the rubber hanger donuts and making it so that the tips were too tucked up under the bumper cutout:

So the guys at work welded in the new flex pipe, adding the length back:

I hit the welds with some high-temp POR-15 last night:

And got it installed back on the car no problem:

Have I mentioned lately how nice it is to only have two O2 sensors and one cat instead of four and two, respectively, with the OBD2 setup?

The tips sit where they should now:

If I’m honest, I’d like them to stick out a bit more, but all the hangers are positioning the exhaust exactly where it should be, so I’m not going to mess with it any more, but just get a muffler shop to weld on some longer tips if I decide to go that way eventually.

So why not just ditch the pre-cat piping entirely and go with a set of headers? Well, a few reasons:

  • The exhaust is in perfect condition
  • Aftermarket headers rarely fit properly
  • I’m 100% satisfied with the sound of the car at the moment
  • Headers almost always eliminate the cat, and I’d like to keep it
  • Money

The next time I modify the exhaust will be if/when I decide to add a turbo and go for much more power, which will entail a whole new system. Stay tuned!

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