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October 14, 2011 by Aaron

Nurburgring Ring Track Circuit Map

Dubbed the green hell by Sir Jackie Stewart, the Nurburgring is an automotive Mecca (and well worth a pilgrimage). Unlike any other race track in the world, the Nurburgring’s north loop (Nordschleife) is imposing, demanding, dangerous, and oddly available.

The track persists as the yardstick for sports cars the world over (seen the Cadillac CTS-V commercial lately?) but most summer evenings anonymous sightseers have the option to take a self-guided “tour” for about $35 per 12.9 mile lap. As one of those undistinguished tourists, I can attest that 12.9 miles on the ‘ring is allthe thrill that you can handle and probably then some. Aside from major car rental companies who anecdotally monitor the ‘ring to discourage tourists from abusing their fleet vehicles, the track is run what you, um brung…just don’t pass on the right.   The accessibility (and with it, the responsibility for vehicular efficiency) is Teutonic – we all know that this wouldn’t work stateside. The ‘ring is and will always be singular.

I hear that there is an amusement park and macho gift shop in the works at the GP course on the south side of the track. Time will tell, but I’m hoping that this net-induced fame doesn’t sully its austere appeal.

Editor’s note: During my two-day fall camping trip, enjoy this guest contribution by my friend and sometime car-adventure-partner-in-crime Aaron!

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