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A Parade of Veyrons

November 29, 2011 by Matt

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Black Carbon

Evo recently featured a kind of “who’s who” of Bugatti Veyron special editions. As the article alludes to, if you’ve got the coin to pick up a Veyron, you’ve obviously got the resources to tailor it precisely to your tastes, and a host of customers of Bugatti’s hypercar have done just that.

For what it’s worth, the customizations don’t reach the car’s mechanicals, which have come in just three flavors: The original, 987 hp Veyron 16.4, its targa-top cousin the Grand Sport, and the ultimate 1183 hp Super Sport. It’s upon of one of those three foundations that the variations are made.

A quick scan of the gallery (along with some Google Images searches) reveals some sleek and some downright nutty color schemes and finishes. My personal favorite is the example pictured at the top of this post: The Super Sport Black Carbon. The Veyron, while not ugly per se, has never really appealed as a looker, its shape being dictated too much by its mission as the world’s fastest production car, and the Black Carbon theme does double duty by reining in the more cartoonish tendencies of its appearance while emphasizing its utter, dominant potency. Seeing one in the flesh would be an awesome sight to behold.

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