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A Peek at Need for Speed: The Run

November 1, 2011 by Matt

NFS Need for Speed The Run Screencap Screenshot Screen Capture In Game Screen

Electronic Arts releases the latest chapter in the prolific Need for Speed racing game series in a couple of weeks, Need for Speed: The Run.

Unlike its rivals, the well-established Gran Turismo 5 and the upstart yet anticipated Forza Motorsport 4, the NFS series represents the more scenario-driven, cinematic, arcade-like driving game in contrast to the more realistic, simulation-oriented thrust of the other two games. It’s a niche worth occupying; after a while, Forza 4 and particularly GT5 can feel very stale in their commitment to realism. A little bending of the laws of physics every now and then, especially coupled with an engaging storyline, can be a welcome thing in a racing game.

Of course, if the quality of the car rendering suffers, for car buffs, it can be a distraction, as we become unduly focused on inaccuracies of the cars’ shapes. Fortunately, if the NFS:TR trailer shown after the jump below is any indication, it seems the developers have that aspect of the game pretty well buttoned-down.

In a clip sure to ignite heated arguments between BMW and Audi partisans, it features the protagonist driving a BMW E92 M3 GTS versus an Audi R8 V10 in a snowy setting. Armchair racers will no doubt weigh the merits of the M3 GTS’s more race-ready chassis against the R8 V10’s power and AWD advantages, among other things… But it’s all a moot point, really, since there are obviously “arcade-like” levels of grip exhibited by both cars, and, well, remember all that stuff I mentioned about bending the laws of physics? Yep:

Watch the clip!

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