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Crusading for Stickshifts

August 4, 2011 by Matt

BMW Polished Manual Shifter

Left Lane News reports MINI is following Car and Driver’s lead in launching a campaign to invigorate sales of manual-transmission-equipped cars in the US:

MINI … is trying to reverse the trend of left-foot lethargy with a $500 price decrease for manual-transmission-equipped models and a new advertising campaign entitled ‘Manualhood.’ The campaign, which touts the increased control of stickshifts, features a range of slogans including ‘get your shift together’ and ‘manual up, America.’

Forget politics for a minute—there’s a cause I get behind, and have; I’m a diehard stickshift proselytizer. To mash up the slogans of two manual transmission stalwarts (Porsche and BMW), there is no substitute for the joy of rowing one’s own gears. It’s involving, focuses the driver on his or her task and thus promotes alertness while driving, allows so much greater control over the car’s actions and it’s just a lot of fun to master the skill. Here’s hoping more American drivers see the light and decide to take up the challenge.

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