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Positively Feline:
The Peugeot 504 Coupe and Convertible

November 17, 2011 by Matt

Peugeot 504 Coupe Pininfarina

Riffing on yesterday‘s theme of Pininfarina + another automaker, let’s swing the spotlight over to another creation of theirs from the same era as the awesome 275 GTB: The ’68-’83 Peugeot 504 Coupe and Convertible.

As with Ferrari, Pininfarina and Peugeot have had a long and prolific association, forging a connection over the decades arguably second in strength only to the styling house’s bond with the Italian firm. An armchair theory as to what Pininfarina sees in both automakers could be their strong branding, Ferrari bearing the stallion on their cars’ grilles and their cars having a kind of thoroughbred quality, and Peugeot associated with their logo’s rearing lion, giving stylists an easy jumping-off point when considering themes to work into a car’s lines.

Peugeot 504 Cabrio Cabriolet Convertible Vert Droptop Pininfarina

A quick glance at the 504 Coupe and Convertible confirms Pininfarina’s feline inspiration. Between the high ground clearance—a classic feature of rugged Peugeots—the front wheels pushed out to the corners of the car and the subtle dip in the strong character line defining the cars’ profiles, the 504 twins look ready to pounce. The headlights seem to squint as the front fenders emulate paws, lunging forward. It’s not a garish, in-your-face effect, but it’s woven throughout the cars’ proportions so thoroughly and effectively that the cat-like gestalt of the cars is undeniable. As a great admirer of design through shape rather than ornamentation, Pininfarina knocked it out of the park with the 504 Coupe and Convertible.

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  1. John D says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. I didn’t even see the feline theme until you mentioned it, and now it’s clear as day. The front wheels are positioned in such as way that between it and the slight ‘frown’ of the face it does look remarkably like a cat with it’s head between it’s paws. Especially from a front 1/4 view. Very cool. I’m not a huge fan of these era cars, but this one is very clean looking and not as…wimpy…in appearance as many of the roadsters of the time.

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