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A Parade of 2012 F1 Cars

February 8, 2012 by Matt

McLaren MP4-27 F1 Formula 1 2012 Car

It’s that time of year again. The time when F1 awakes from its winter slumber, the teams shake the cobwebs off their drivers’ uniforms and the engineers reveal the designs they’ve been burning the midnight oil over all winter long.

First of the major teams to unveil a 2012 standard-bearer, McLaren rolled out their MP4-27 (shown at top) last Wednesday. With few appearance-altering regulation changes from 2011, other than livery adjustments, most teams’ 2012 cars will resemble last year’s a great deal, and McLaren’s is no exception, showing only a few sidepod tweaks, a lower aft body area and a reprofiled nose.

Williams FW34 F1 Formula 1 2012 Car

A once-great team that hasn’t seen much success since the ’03 season, Williams recently pulled the wraps off their latest effort at a comeback, the FW34 (pictured above). Having secured a supply of top-tier Renault RS27-2012 engines (shared with the dominant Red Bull team), if the chassis and drivers are competitive, this could well be the year of William’s revival.

Red Bull RB8 F1 Formula 1 2012 Car

Speaking of Red Bull, the defending 2011 champions presented their reloaded racer, the RB8, on Monday. With the return of their seasoned 2011 driver pair in Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, they’ll be the team to beat this year.

Can you tell I’ve been in withdrawal during the F1 off-season? March 18, Australia, here we come!

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  1. Paul says:

    Excited for the season to start! Now if there was only a way to actually drive/fly and be at each Grand Prix…well, there is still tv :)

    • Matt says:

      Me too. :) If the US GP returns, it’ll be easier to get to at least one! And the interesting thing is, there has been talk of two US Grand Prix—one in Austin, TX and the other just outside New York.

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