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Ultimate BMW Hybrid?
E9 Coupe with E39 M5 Running Gear

July 12, 2013 by Matt

BMW E9 Coupe CS E39 M5

BMW E9 Coupe CS E39 M5 Engine Motor S62

Came across this curiosity in the latest issue of Bimmer.

Created by German tuning house MKO, the so-called CS M5 grafts an E9 coupe onto an E39 M5 floorpan and suspension and adds the M5’s engine, 6-speed manual transmission and much of its interior as well. The resulting car combines arguably the loveliest BMW body with the most coveted M-car’s running gear.

BMW E9 Coupe CS E39 M5

Should be a no-brainer, right? BMW perfection? Well…yes, if you can overlook the loss of the E9 coupe’s vintage Big Six’s character, the jarring effect the modern dash and seats have on the interior and the odd decision to keep the M5’s wheels instead of fitting something a bit more classic-looking.

It feels like the definitive merger of analog and digital. What do you think? Impressive, yes, but is it desirable?

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  1. To me, the sum is definitely less than the whole of its parts. Shame, too, because individually the parts are about as desirable as they come.

  2. John D says:

    Yowza. Absolutely stunning.

    Having owned my favorite car of all time (a ’69 Camaro), I can attest to the fact that the retro bodies are the coolest, while the retro-tech definitely isn’t. I eventually wound up selling what I thought was the coolest car in the world because of it’s lack of, well, many things that we take for granted in cars built since I was born. Personally, my perfect car is an original body with completely updated and modern, well, everything else. If I was a BMW guy, this would be a dream car…but then again, if I were a die-hard BMW guy I would probably be thumbing my nose at it’s impurities and lack of character or some such drivel… ;)

  3. Ryan says:

    Very sexy automobile!

  4. john schmitt says:

    owning one of each, a 2000 e39 m5 & a 73′ 3.0 cs i’m not sure what to think. the body update works beautifully for me, even love the wheels on there. but the dash/interior doesn’t quite work. every time i go to the garage, choosing between the two cars (and a 89′ porsche 911 targa) the old CS usually gets the vote. the m5 is a great car but doesn’t have the soul of the CS and is TOO fast to push on our mountain roads around nor-cal. i can floor the CS and still stay safe & keep my license! it has some issues, wind noise & is 40 yrs old but makes me want to keep driving way past my goal, a good thing….

  5. Different Matt says:

    I disagree sir,
    The shadowchrome M5 wheels are spot on with that ride height and body colour.
    Yes the interior is questionable but surely you can see why they did it that way?… To marry up with the extended gadgetry of the e39.
    I totally agree with John D. I have a gorgeous e36 with a 4.4 v8 and completely modernised interior. Bluetooth, satnav, handsfree etc.
    Owned an e39 M5 for a year and loved it but I wouldn’t swap my modded e36 for one.
    Next project is a 4.4 e24. Will keep you posted!

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